LANDYACHTZ | Wolf Shark Longboard Complete

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The Wolf shark is ready to roll with micro drops that create a subtle foot pocket. It features multiple wheelbase options for fine-tuning, rocker and a totally new “peanut” W concave. The result, an eye-catching yet functional downhill board that will get you to the bottom of the hill before all your buddies.

Mounting: Top Mount
Top mounts allow you to drive and turn the board from completely above the trucks making for more aggressive carves.

Material: Maple and Fiberglass
Superior strength Maple plies paired with a fiberglass laminate makes the board responsive and protects your graphic from any damage.

Concave: High W
High W concave allows the board to suck your feet into it while making it unbelievably easy to transition your weight on to the rails for turns and slides.

Profile: Rocker
A mild rocker design allows the board to feel natural under foot and drives you down in to the board.

Flex: Stiff
A fairly stiff design allows the board to excel at freeriding and provides maximum stability at speed.

Grip: Black
Landyachtz logoed black grip tape will keep you glued to your board all day long

Dimensions: 35.8"
Length: 35.8"
Width: 10"
Wheel Base: 22.7-27.7"